Mission-statement for genealogy-page of Max Schulte

My primary goal for genealogy as a hobby is to collect as many persons into my Ahnentafel as possible, upto the line of ridiculousness, which I have set generally around 1600 and particulary at the point where sources cannot be found. While puzzling one comes accross much data related to names in ones Ahnentafel. Sometimes I have been able to collect these data into genealogy-fragments. I don't want to maintain all these genealogies myself. In stead I'd like to minimize them by replacing branches or complete genealogies by links to the website, where they can be maintained best. A future goal for this groupwise approach should be to link all facts in a source-genealogy to a primary-source and link all assumptions to a group-document reflecting a consensus among the contribuants to the genealogy. This concept leads to distributed genealogies, starting at one website, containing links to other websites for branches and from there to other websites for subbranches and so on.

Enschede/Netherlands, 19.11.1999