26.12.1999yeah folks, unbelievable isn't it !
18.12.1999son guapas, no?
12.12.1999i hate it when my father goes duckshooting
10.12.1999if this is popeye, i am olive
05.12.1999will you please get out of my way !
04.12.1999me and sophie after a succesfull headhunting party
20.11.1999mother and child
09.11.1999this ain't spinach, it's donkeyshit
16.10.1999es oh pee age .. ..
15.10.1999i knock you on the head
13.10.1999more toys, i said
12.10.1999finally, the paper
27.09.1999waking up
27.09.1999happy feet
24.09.1999who's that man?