12.03.2000how do you stop these things ?
05.03.2000it's tough, but sometimes you've got to please your mother by wearing her homemades.
03.03.2000why is there so much laughter behind me ?
26.02.2000uncle tjark tells a funny story, while mum fails trying not to listen
25.02.2000did i ask for a photographer ?
24.02.2000finally got out of that bloody horse
20.02.2000yesterday you were proud me doing this, now you tell me not to. is this some newly concocted raising technique ?
23.01.2000tell'em i'm having a meeting
23.01.2000a double on the rocks, James
18.01.2000hey guys, i'm not a parrot!
15.01.2000somehow i feel that this is not the real thing!
08.01.2000if you let me out, i'm gonna eat you