16.03.2001that is NOT my father!
22.03.2001one day i'll be queen
22.03.2001sleeping beauty
16.03.2001mirror mirror on the table
29.01.2001playmate of the month?
18.01.2001ouwggh, now i can see how ugly you are
15.01.2001where did this bloody bear go!
10?.01.2001this bus is always late when it rains
10?.01.2001mum is in love with me
10?.01.2001and i am in love with you
03.01.2001laughs i do myself, that's why i have so many friends:
03.01.2001dad takes care of pictures
02.01.2001jeanette takes care of cleaning
30.12.2000opa takes care of all sorts of bottles
28.12.2000ingelik takes care of hair